Lucky Nine

Lucky Nine Dictionary

A player's personal money that he takes to a game.

A percentage of the winnings that the house takes as their profit.

A house employee who takes and pays bets to the players and also takes charge of the cards.

Face Cards
Refers to all the jacks, queens and kings in a 52 card deck.

High Roller
A player who makes large bets.

The word used by a player to request a third card from the dealer.

House Edge
The advantage that casino or "house" gains depending on the odds.

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A hand that totals 9.

Young ladies who works for the house, used to lure players to the Lucky Nine table.

A tool used by the dealer that holds a number of full decks of cards. The shoe is in the form of a box and the cards are dealt form it.

Shuffle Up
The act of the dealer shuffling the cards before the game begins.

The decision not to "hit" or draw a third card.

A standoff happens when the dealer and the player have hands with the same total. Also known as a tie.

A term used to describe a consecutive wins or losses.

Acronym for Very Important Person, used to describe a high roller.

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